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Supreme Court Bans Tiger Tourism

In a decision many are calling too harsh, the Supreme Court of India banned tourists to enter the core area of all tiger reserves in the country. With India being home to half of the global population of tigers, this means, India will be facing a major setback in number of travelers coming to the country to particularly see the tigers.


Photography of Great Indian Bustard Banned

Taking strict measures to save the small population of Great Indian Bustards in India, the Minsitry of Environment has banned the photography of the bird during breeding season which starts in April. The move has been made to give the rare birds a chance to nest peacefully.


Bishnois: Environment Crusaders by Birth

The Bishnoi community of Rajasthan is the kind of community the makers of the movie Avatar would have been inspired from. These worshippers of nature, live by only one code of conduct and that is to live and let live, without bringing harm to any of Mother Earth’s creatures. From creating havoc in one gun loving film star’s life to living each day following the 29 principles revolving around loving and protecting the environment, this community is the role model India and the world needs if we seriously want the Earth to live on.


Lesser Floricans getting lesser and lesser in India

The Lesser Florican is one of the smallest bustards of the world and bird that prefers to live in grasslands. But latest census by the Wildlife Institute of India (WII) sadly predicts that the birds are losing their home as well as their numbers in the country. From 238 of these birds recorded in 1999 in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh the number has dropped to merely 84.


One Man Making Desert Lands Greener

Madan lal Punjabi of Jaipur, Rajashtan is a man with a mission. In a span of 7 years, he has planted 1,600 saplings for the benefit of Jaipur residents to provide green cover to the city and solace to people from the hot sun. Himself in the golden years of his life, so deep is Madan lal’s commitment to the cause that he says the trees our like his own children and he will continue to care for them till his last breath.


Tiger Dad Displays Rare Parenting Skills in Ranthambore

Here comes news of a doting father on Father’s Day. In a rare display of paternal instincts a male tiger in the Ranthambore Wildlife sanctuary in Rajasthan is taking care of two tiger cubs that lost their mother in February. In the wild it is customarily the mother who looks after the cub at least for two years and the father’s role is restricted to occasional visits.


Two Endangered Species make Rare Appearances in Rajasthan

State of Rajasthan ushers in good news for animal lovers with the rare sighting of two endangered species in two different wildlife reserve of the state. While the endangered fishing cat was seen at the Keoladeo bird sanctuary a rare glimpse of the four-horned antelope believed to be extinct for years was seen at the Sariska Wildlife Reserve.