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Pictures: From Wild Bear to Family Pet

Those who have read Jungle Book are not unfamiliar with Balu, the black bear, Mowgli’s friend, philosopher and guide. You might have sometimes even wished that you too had such a friend. But while we all can’t turn into Mowgli, one family in Lakhpada did get lucky when they adopted a stray black bear and made him a member of their loving family.


Tribal Women Save Forest being Cut in the name of Eco-tourism

Manchabandha Reserve Forest in Orissa is home to humans as well as wildlife. They co-exist in harmony and peace. The Sal trees that cover the forest area form the chief source of food and income for the local tribes like Santhal, Kolha and Lodha who live in the nearby villages in the Mayurbhanj district. The chief economic activity of the tribal women is making Sal leaf plates. They also gather other forest products like mushrooms and the Mahua flowers.


Fisherwomen in Orissa to the Rescue of Olive Ridley Turtles

Women Self Help Groups in Orissa have taken upon themselves the task of conserving and caring for Olive Ridley sea turtles found in abundance in coastal Orissa. The fisher women of the state realised how important the turtles’ conservation was for the ecosystem and in turn to their livelihood and have therefore set to save the turtles.