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Are Marine Species inching towards Mass Extinction?

27 of the world’s ocean experts met up in Oxford recently and compiled a report that is one of the most shocking revelations of this century. The experts believe that climate change, global warming and man’s continuous interference with nature has made the situation so fragile that all the oceans of the world face risk of mass extinction of marine life. It is something that has not been heard for tens of millions of years.


World Oceans Losing Big Fishes

What would happen if there were no tigers in the forest? The deer population would increase drastically eventually clearing up the whole forest. It is the same shocking scenario that has come into the forefront after University of British Columbia researchers found out that the number of big predatory fishes in the world oceans is depleting due to over fishing by humans. Small fishes on the other hand are thriving and over the last 100 years their numbers have doubled.