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8 Destinations In India Which Are a Must Visit for All Nature Lovers

India, known for its Color and Culture not only excites you with its Historical Monuments but has many breathtaking Natural Scenic Attractions too. From the exquisite scenic delights of the snowy localesRead More…


Tips for an Eco-conscious Traveler by IUCN

A normal travel plan can change into an eco-travel plan if you only spend a little more time deciding on the place to go. It is not necessarily the trip to a national park or a beach that makes into the list of an eco-tourism spot. The important thing is to minimize the amount of fossil fuels you burn, plan the amount of things you are carrying before you go and if possible opt to help a local conservation organization.


Forest Department begins Mapping Eco-Sensitive Zones

The areas bordering national parks and reserves are usually rich in natural flora and fauna. The abuse of the biodiversity is also greatest in these areas as they do not fall under any protection frame. But now the forest department is trying to map the land use pattern within a radius of 10 km around national parks so as to protect these biodiversity areas and ecological corridor links.