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How Mumbai Mangroves Save the City everyday

The Bombay High Court made a monumental decision in 2005 that led to the strict protection of the mangrove forests lining the city coasts. The decision came after the tragic Tsunami that struck the eastern Indian coasts and when it was found that the areas which had mangrove forests were saved from the disastrous high waves. These areas also recovered faster after the aftermath. Worldwide mangroves are fast depleting but because of the conservation order, Mumbai and its neighboring areas now boast of more than 5,800 hectares of mangrove land which is protected and will protect the city in future.


Rising Sea Animal Deaths in India’s South-West Coast

Last month two Giant Baleen Humpback whale sharks washed ashore dead on the Mumbai-Thane coast. Earlier a Bryde’s whale shark was found at Ratnagiri shores, 250 km away from Mumbai. With dead dolphins and Olive Ridley Turtles also spotted at regular intervals on the coast of Maharashtra and other south-west regions shores, there is fear that the deaths are not natural but caused by human errors.