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Western Ghat Aquatic Species plunging towards Extinction Warns IUCN

There is a new fear that has gripped biologists in recent times owing to a number of studies and research done on marine species around the world. The fear is that over fishing is killing many small and big fishes in masses, pushing them towards extinction at a very fast pace. The threat is now being felt closer home in India, as an IUCN study reveals that aquatic freshwater species in the western ghats are showing ‘tendencies of extinction’.


UK Experts to Clean Ganga

It is a known fact that the sacred Indian river that helps wash off the sins of thousands every day is itself getting murkier with sewage, animal carcass, and ashes. In order to flush out all the dirt out of Ganga, and breathe life into the aquatic species like the Ganga river dolphin, it is now experts from Berkshire who have been asked to help transform the river just like they transformed the Thames.


India’s First Research Centre for Marine Species and Marine National Park to come up in Gujarat

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) one of India’s biggest corporate led by Mukesh Ambani has tied up with Ministry of Environment and Forest to create a research facility in Gujarat state called “National Centre for Marine Biodiversity’ . This is the first ever research centre to be made in the Public-Private Patrnership (PPP) mode in the country.