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School Children to Get Wildlife Protection Training

Why is the forest important? What can children do to save wild cats like tigers and leopards? How can man-animal conflict be resolved peacefully? These are few of the questions that will be answered by forest department officials as they speak to school children living near the Suhelwa and Katarniaghat sanctuaries in Uttar Pradesh. Both sanctuaries are inhabited by tigers, leopards and other wonderfully creatures of the wild that need constant monitoring and protection.


Young Endangered Ghariyals set to be released into the Wild

The ghariyal rehabilitation centre at Kukrail in Uttar Pradesh is that rare glimmer of hope for a conservationist that assures that all is not wrong with conservation in India. 90 percent of the centre’s ghariyal hatchlings born in June have survived and those that were bred two years ago are now ready to be released into the wild.