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Urban Kolkata Home to Numerous Plants and Animals

We always assume that a city, any urban city, is only home to people, cars, trucks, factories, innumerable buildings and shopping malls. It may come as a surprise to some therefore that a survey recently found Kolkata, one of the most urban metropolitan of India to be home to an exhaustive list of plants and animals.


Asia’s First Dolphin Research Centre to come up in Bihar

The Gangetic River Dolphins, one of the four only surviving freshwater dolphins of the world, is soon to get more protection, thanks to the conservationists who plan to set up India and Asia’s first dolphin research centre in Patna in Bihar.


Good News for Gangetic Dolphin

News of an endangered animal population increasing in number is hard to come by nowadays and therefore whenever such a thing does happen; it brings with itself a sigh of relief. The good news this time is about India’s national aquatic animal the Ganga River Dolphin whose population has increased from 175 last year to 223 at the Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary, India’s only dolphin sanctuary, located in Bihar.