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Saving An Endangered Tree Through Sustainable Use

Rainforest Trust’s partner Applied Environmental Research Foundation (AERF) in India uses unique economic opportunities to encourage communities to sustainably manage natural resources. Flowering Pterocarpus marsupium. Photo courtesy of AERF. After dedicating extensiveRead More…


Sustainability Solutions: Practices for a Better Tomorrow

CII ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development (CESD) is organising the sixth addition of its sustainability conference. The two day event called Sustainability Solutions: Summit & Exhibition in New Delhi on 25th -26th November, 2011 will explore challenges, opportunities, and strategies for bringing sustainability solutions to Indian Businesses.


India to Have its Own Red List of Endangered Species

As a move to take protection of animals and plants to the next level the Indian environment ministry has decided to bring out its own red list of endangered species like the one published by IUCN worldwide. The move will hopefully give a more systematic and planned approach to the protection of species in the verge of extinction in India.