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Urban Kolkata Home to Numerous Plants and Animals

We always assume that a city, any urban city, is only home to people, cars, trucks, factories, innumerable buildings and shopping malls. It may come as a surprise to some therefore that a survey recently found Kolkata, one of the most urban metropolitan of India to be home to an exhaustive list of plants and animals.


Ten New Frog Species Discovered in Western Ghats

Discovery of new frog species at the Western Ghats of India has further strengthened the claim that these Ghats are the heart of biodiversity. While frog species round the world are driven to extinction due to habitat destruction, pollution, climate change and of late, much sought frog legs, the discovery of new frog species is refreshing news. The expedition in the Ghats was carried out by biodiversity researches, voluntary researches and nature enthusiasts without any funding from agencies and they succeeded in discovering ten new frog species.


Animals love Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary, Reveals First Census

Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary near Chandigarh is transforming into a perfect haven for wild animals. Massive afforestation and soil conservation efforts have turned this once erosion stricken land to a forest and a wildlife sanctuary that boasts of 9 mammal species and 63 species of birds according to a first time ever survey conducted by Widlife Institiute of India.