Saving An Endangered Tree Through Sustainable Use

Rainforest Trust’s partner Applied Environmental Research Foundation (AERF) in India uses unique economic opportunities to encourage communities to sustainably manage natural resources. Flowering Pterocarpus marsupium. Photo courtesy of AERF. After dedicating extensiveRead More…


When Snares Set for Wild Boars Spell Trouble for Karnataka’s Tigers

The deaths of tigers and other wildlife have brought to the forefront a situation where the ‘management’ of one animal leads to the accidental deaths of another. A hundred and twenty-one snares were dismantledRead More…


8 Destinations In India Which Are a Must Visit for All Nature Lovers

India, known for its Color and Culture not only excites you with its Historical Monuments but has many breathtaking Natural Scenic Attractions too. From the exquisite scenic delights of the snowy localesRead More…

Image Of The Day: Life Is A Bed Of Flowers For Me

Life is a bed of flowers for me !!

This shot of a lizard on a yellow flower was taken by Ramalingam, shared at India’s Endangered Wild Shots (IEWS)

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The theme for February is “All Things Yellow Found In Nature”

Image copyright remains with the photographer. Shared here as part of the group – India’s Endangered Wild Shots.