Bannerghatta Biological Park (BBP) near Bangalore in Karnataka may soon be known for its leopards as plans are being finalised to turn the park into a leopard safari.

Zoo Authority of Karnataka (ZAK) chairman M Nanjundaswamy there is a reason why Karnataka has been chosen for the creation of the safari. He says that on an average 50 to 60 leopards are killed each year in the state due to Man-animal conflict. Shrinking habita and forest cover has led to many leopards venturing into cities and villages and this has resulted in their getting killed in public domains.

The safari will help make people aware about the siginificant role a leopard plays in the ecosystem of the area and therefore, help in its survival.

Mr. Nanjundaswamy says that this first of its kind safari may become a reality in a year or two.

The Bannerghatta Biological Park according to the chairman was chosen because it has ample space needed for the project. Currently the park houses a few tigers and lions that had been rescued from circuses and plans have been made to construct the safari in 50 acres of forest land inside the park.

“We have plans to construct it on 50 acres of forest land inside the BBP,” he said. “There is no paucity of funds as the ZAK has sufficient funds to open the safari in BBP,” added Nanjundaswamy.

Can the safari really change the mindset of people eager to kill any animal that ventures outside the forest cover? That is to be seen.

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Article reference: IBNLive


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7 thoughts on “Karnataka May Get India’s First Leopard Safari

  1. I might be satirical here, seems to me more like a very calculated plan to put a lid on Human victims of Leopard- Human conflict.
    If safari’s had to make a positive impact we wouldn’t have lost so many tigers.
    Law enforcement, stringent rules and then Education is the way.
    I Don’t think stuffing 30 tourists into a mini van and zipping around a 50 acre circuit is going to make any impact to save the Leopards. Its only going to swell the coffers of ZAK.
    Whats next ? Cram all the so called “Problem” Elephants into a enclosure and open a elephant safari !!

  2. Well I can’t deny you are pointing at a very poignant issue here Amit. Yes, it does seem in our country that the move will benefit ZAK more than the leopards. Then again, at least the leopards will have some place to live and at least some place where their habitat will not be destoryed. If laws could be made and enforced stirctly in India, the need for a safari or the human-leopard conflict even would not arise. The situation reminds me of the classic hindi movie fare where slum dwellers are asked to vacate the land and lured to small colonies made for them. Again, at least leopards will have something to call home….

  3. Hmm you have a point there Atula, Leopards will be saved from being beaten to death from angry humans. Like i mentioned this is only a short term solution to keep the people affected from Leopard conflict happy and the Forest department hassle free from conflict victims. At the end of the day a happy Leopard is a free Leopard. Cheers !!

    P.S: Thanks for the articles !!

  4. I think it is a positive move to acknowledge the man-animal conflict and start a leopard safari. People coming for the safari need to be educated about the creature, its habitat and the man-animal conflict.

    1. Let’s see if the move really happens or just a thing that is said but never acted upon. education as you said correctly and awareness is the first criteria to make people understand that animals like leopard are not enemies, just another of nature’s creation who seek their share of resources taken away by man. Thanks for visiting.

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