They call Themselves the Tree Planters

It is sometimes said, ‘A crazy idea can change the world’ and if someone can prove this to be true, it has to be two young Indian men, who thought of making their country greener through what they call Project 35 Trees. Armed with plant saplings and perched atop public transport vehicles, the two travelled across all states of India to plant trees and leave a message of hope.


Jeff Corwin Launches first- of- its-kind Ebook Series on Wildlife

the Emmy Award winning TV Host and Explorer, is all set to take your electronic media experience to a new level by launching first of its kind Enhanced Media Ebook Series called Jeff’s Explorer Series. And the first e-book in the series is about the ultimate predators- SHARKS!


Interview: Tiasa Adhya, Fishing for the Fishing Cats

The mangroves of Sundarban are known to be home to one of the most popular wild cats of India- the Royal Bengal Tiger. But there is another wild cat that lives in the same marshy land which sadly does not enjoy the same repute as the tiger, but is a fantastic animal none the less. We are talking about the Fishing cat, a feline much like the domestic cat in appearance but twice the size and with a more masculine body. Naturalist Tiasa Adhya has committed herself to study this particular animal hoping that her research gives voice to an endangered wild cat that not many know about.


Tribal Women Save Forest being Cut in the name of Eco-tourism

Manchabandha Reserve Forest in Orissa is home to humans as well as wildlife. They co-exist in harmony and peace. The Sal trees that cover the forest area form the chief source of food and income for the local tribes like Santhal, Kolha and Lodha who live in the nearby villages in the Mayurbhanj district. The chief economic activity of the tribal women is making Sal leaf plates. They also gather other forest products like mushrooms and the Mahua flowers.


A Man who Made a Forest

Nothing is simpler than planting a tree and yet not many really pick up the spade to toil under the sun and nurture a plant. That is why what Jadav Payeng has been doing for the past 30 years is incredible. He has not only made tree plantation a life time hobby but converted a barren land into a lush green 550 hectare forest in Assam which is now home to five tigers