Romancing the Rains

It is the time of the year when Indian skies are covered with gray skies and engulfed with the South West monsoon winds originating from the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea. The heavy clouds begin to pour and the rains quench the thirst of the parched dry Earth. It is Monsoon in India.


How Much is too Much

The declaration of the Western Ghats as a World Heritage Site is another milestone achieved towards conservation of India’s vast bio-diversity. But along with world heritage tag comes the added responsibility of ensuring that this heritage is carefully preserved. In view of the expected increase in tourism activities at the heritage sites, the World Heritage Committee has therefore asked India to take proper measures to avoid any possibility of negative impacts.


Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park – The new Green in the Desert

Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park situated at the foothills of the Mehrangarh Fort in the city of Jodhpur is a classic example of how good intentions and hard work always reap rewards. A team of ecologist have restored the natural growing plants of the region and given this desert land a green cover like never before. Visitors keen to see the magnanimous Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur now have a new destination to cover that’s an ancient treasure too – promising a future to the long lost and forgotten plant species of the desert.


New Site gives Everyone a Chance to Count Tigers

Have you been to a tiger reserve recently? Did you click the image of a tiger in the wild? Or do you simply love tigers and want to do something more than just sigh at their depleting numbers. Then here is your chance. A new website offers people like you and me to be part of the save tiger campaign simply by helping count all the tigers in the wild.


Tips for an Eco-conscious Traveler by IUCN

A normal travel plan can change into an eco-travel plan if you only spend a little more time deciding on the place to go. It is not necessarily the trip to a national park or a beach that makes into the list of an eco-tourism spot. The important thing is to minimize the amount of fossil fuels you burn, plan the amount of things you are carrying before you go and if possible opt to help a local conservation organization.


Best Places to Find Tigers in India, Part-1

India has the world’s largest tiger population. If you plan to see tigers in their most favorite land, here is an extensive list of places where you can sight the royal beast.