Are Bird Photographers Damaging the Avian Habitat?

Activities such as bird photography appear benign and in tune with nature. But ornithologists in Bangalore find how this supposedly eco-friendly activity is damaging precious bird habitat at the Hesarghatta lake when photographers carelessly drive right into the crucial habitat.


In the Bird Garden: Chintamoni Kar Bird Sanctuary

Bored of the mundane daily routine with pollution and traffic? The stress and pressure of modern lifestyle catching up with you? What better solution then, than to visit a green area in your city to soothe your senses and rejuvenate your spirits. So if you happen to be in Kolkatta, Chintamoni Kar Bird Sanctuary is just the place for you.


A Floral Paradise: Kolkata’s Indian Botanic Garden

Home to about 12,000 living perennial plants and millions of dried out plants gathered from world over, the Botanic Garden in Kolkata is a visual treat. The main attraction of the botanical garden ofcourse, is the giant size banyan tree that is said to have the second largest canopy in the world.


Roughing it…comfortably!

Treading on the dirt path is part and parcel of trekking but sometimes even the most seasoned trekkers long for a little comfort when they’ve been on the go for a while. A soft bed and a hot drink when high up in the mountains sounds very tempting and many ardent trekkers have found the perfect solution in home-stays and tea house treks. The concept of staying with the locals rather than in tents and hotels has caught on big time with the adventurous youth today.


Kaas Plateau – Wild Flower Fantasy

Carpets of flowers in all colors… purples, yellows, violets, whites, pink, blues, hues of greens and browns. Rains and magical mists that swallow up the landscape one moment and cool breeze that rub it away to reveal marvelous dazzle of colors spread out in an expansive plain. This awaits you at Kaas, the Plateau of Flowers in the Western Ghats.


An Eco-Cab and other Eco-friendly ways to Travel

Eco-travel does not necessarily just limit to tourism. When you go from point A to B within the city, the way you travel and the mode of transport you choose can really make a difference. Our eco-travel writer Shilpi, looks at an innovative new eco-friendly travelling option available in India and few of the old ideas that have resurrected themselves as the chic new environment-friendly means of transportations.


Supreme Court Bans Tiger Tourism

In a decision many are calling too harsh, the Supreme Court of India banned tourists to enter the core area of all tiger reserves in the country. With India being home to half of the global population of tigers, this means, India will be facing a major setback in number of travelers coming to the country to particularly see the tigers.